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Looree Spider Camera

The Looree Spider Camera can adapt itself to any type of environment and ground. It allows you to place your camera in a precise spot and most of all in the spot you would never have considered before. The choice of a Mitchell allows to use it and to fix it on any camera.

We designed it ergonomic and simple but most of all as intuitive as possible.

We wanted it flexible, with minimal footprint to use in a place cramped as an inside car,  and wider to improve its stability on the ground.

We chose tubular extensions so that every key grip can combine it with its clamps and construction materials.

We added wheels to be able to move it on the ground.

We designed boogies to being able to evolve on tracks.

We imagined it hanging, suspended, on tracks, on the ground, on rough, on improbable terrains, and on unusual places. 

Then, it's up to you to bring us back amazing pictures !

We hope we have piqued your curiosity enough for you to try it and be absolutely convinced.

Thanks to our collaboration with the renters of grip materials, we understood that the design of a flight-case was essential.

So that all components find their dedicated place there. departures and returns of material are easier and faster. The control of missing parts is immediate.

The user can travel, take a plane and have in a small space of a quantity of solutions for his projects.

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